Our beginning.

Habitat Stone began as a humble family operated granite countertop and flooring installation business. Our reputation for quality, precision and service helped us take the installation business as far as it could go. We found our opportunity to really grow while attending stone and tile industry trade shows. At those trade shows we recognized an unmet need for natural limestone from Israel. This was confusing at first, because the prevailing notion was that limestone was too soft and absorbent for most uses. It turns out the characteristics of natural limestone make it uniquely versatile and fully capable for use in nearly every architectural application.

Today, we are one of the largest natural limestone importers in the US.

Due equally to family and long-standing professional relationships, we were able to gain access to the world's finest selection of natural limestone. In addition, those relationships granted us access to the broad selection of exotic and natural stones from all over the world.

We carry the right stone for any occasion: from our dramatic Onyx and Gemstone options, to the timeless elegance of our Marble and Travertine.

 Our collection of steps, architectural elements, cornerstones, and tiles from around the world provide us with a selection most stone importers can't rival. We built our stone importing business on personal relationships and provide a personal service no other stone importer could ever hope to match.

The limits of what we offer exist only at the extent of the imagination of our clients.

Today we provide custom stone and architectural element solutions that consistently exceed our clients' high expectations. Looking forward we intend on maintaining our commitment to customer service rooted in the family tradition, and continue to supply the finest quality the Earth can offer.

In the stone import business there is only one true test of success, and that is customer loyalty. Contact us today and find out why our clients return again and again for the quality, selection and service that sets Habitat Stone in a class by itself.

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