This silver limestone is marked by its distinct veining which resembles a marble.  Its soft gray, silver tones make it suitable for any residential or commercial application, melding well to a wide variety of tones. In its honed limestone finish, the fossils and veins show quite well.  A smaller section of the quarry, this limited production stone can be used for a variety of applications such as pool copings, exterior cladding, wall tile & kitchen backsplashes.

Color Range
Beige, Cream, Tan, white, brown
Varies, cut to size
Brushed, Polished, honed, sandblasted
10-12 weeks


Exterior Cladding Yes
Exterior Pavers Yes
Interior Walls Yes
Interior Floors Yes
Kitchen Countertops Yes
Other Countertops Yes
Wet Areas Yes
Traffic Yes


Suitable for cladding in freezing and non- freezing conditions Yes
Suitable for paving in non-freezing conditions Yes
Suitable for residential and/or low traffic Yes
Suitable for commercial and/or high traffic areas. Yes
Usage in Wet conditions Yes
Hardness (MOHS) 2.67
Unit in Weight (kg/m3) (Dry) 2700
Unit in Weight (kg/m3) (Saturated) 2696
Water Absorption at Atmosphere Pressure by Weight (%) 1.54
Water Absorption in Hot Water (%) 1.7
Compressive Strength Rc(N/mm2) (Resistance to frost) 70.5
Bending Tensile Strength (kg/cm3) 6.15
Porosity (%) 4.5
Resistance to frost- defrost (%) (50 cycles) .5
The Average in Abrasion Strength (cm3/50 cm2) 2nd Class
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